Fleshlight Review: Lotus – Gentle, Realistic Fleshlight

Fleshlight Lotus Tanya Tate

The famous ‘Lotus Node’, modelled on the Lotus flower, is one of the most distinctive Fleshlight textures available. It has been enjoyed so much by users that it now appears in several different sleeves with many exciting texture combinations.

However, while there are many ways to experience the Lotus Node, the original Lotus Fleshlight sleeve is still popular. Many fans claim that it is one of the most realistic vaginal textures on the market: an appealing idea, and one that I was keen to verify.

The Lotus is available with a good selection of orifices from the Fleshlight Girls series.

NOTE: The Lotus seems to have been discontinued and cannot be found in the Fleshlights store anymore. Check out the following recommended realistic Fleshlights instead.


Mini Lotus
  • Very realistic feeling sleeve and a very popular choice; ideal for a first time Fleshlight user.
​Brandi Love ​Heartthrob
  • Heartthrob is an ideal all-rounder for the guy who just wants one good Fleshlight.
Kendra Sunderland Angel
  • Twisted ribs pull gently and the small bumps and constrictions create subtle changes in feeling.

Fleshlight Lotus Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Lotus Tanya Tate

At first glance, the Lotus sleeve looks relatively uncomplicated and unexciting when compared to some of the more complex Fleshlight textures on the market. It is entered through a tight (0.45” or 12 mm) opening, which quickly widens into a 0.8” (20mm) chamber. The walls of this chamber are smooth and soft, designed to feel like real flesh.

The next section of the sleeve is the Lotus Node that it is named for. It is almost 4” (100 mm) from the entrance and is followed almost immediately by another smooth-walled chamber which widens out around you.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

At just over 5.5” (about 140mm) from the entrance is the first of four equal chambers which make up the rest of the sleeve. These are separated by tight constrictions, designed to create a pleasurable feeling of pressure and release as you push through them.

How the Lotus feels

The entrance of the sleeve is pleasurably tight and, while the smooth walls are not especially exciting, the widening and narrowing canal is a nice gentle beginning before you reach the ‘main event’ of the Lotus Node.

There is a very good reason for the popularity of the Lotus Node: it feels fantastic. The unique shape creates a wonderful feeling of penetration as you pop through it. The combination of this and the smooth sided chambers make the Lotus feel about as realistic as a Fleshlight can.

Fleshlight Lotus Texture

Fleshlight Lotus Texture

I enjoy pushing through the node repeatedly and feeling the constricting sensation abound my head and glans. Once through the node, the final sections create a lovely feeling of tightness and release as you push through the constrictions.


The Lotus node and the small chambers which follow it are all great places for lube to build up so this is not the easiest sleeve to clean. I recommend plenty of running water; let tap water flow through the sleeve from both ends. You can also pinch or cover one end before filling the channel with water and giving it a good shake to remove any lube or sperm residue. Allow plenty of drying time, a couple of hours at least.

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How I rate Fleshlights explained

The Lotus is not an especially intense sleeve but it does feel far more realistic than most other Fleshlights and the varying widths of the different sections are enough to keep me stimulated. The main drawback of this Fleshlight is the size. The position of the Lotus Node is not ideal for smaller guys as the final sections are only accessible to average and larger than average lengths.

Love the Lotus? Why not try one of these:

There are a few other variations of this design available so I’d really only recommend this standard sleeve for larger than average guys. If you like the Lotus but think that the size is a little too generous then one of the following might suit you better.

  • The Mini Lotus sleeve is the same length as a standard Fleshlight and a very similar design to the Lotus. The main difference is that the Lotus node and the five chambers that follow it have been brought forward and are almost an inch closer to the entrance. This makes it a lot more accessible and a far better choice for smaller guys.
  • Sex in a Can: Lady Lager: The SIAC series of Fleshlights are smaller than regular Fleshlights and the Lady Lager is essentially a mini version of the Lotus. At just under 7”, and with a tighter feeling canal, it is ideal for guys with a smaller or thinner than average penis.
  • Christy Mack Attack: If you're well endowed, the Christy Mack Attack sleeve might be your treasure throve. It's a mild and realistic sleeve which texture ends with a series of lotus nodes.

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