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Fleshlight Review: Joanna Angel Punk – Intense Ass Fleshlight

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Beautiful, alternative porn star Joanna Angel is a feast for the eyes with her striking dark eyes and multiple tattoos, and her multi-ribbed signature Fleshlight Punk anal sleeve looks as interesting as her. I was very much looking forward to trying this one; read on to see what I thought.

Introducing Joanna Angel

Fleshlight Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel was an early entrant into the ‘alternative porn’ scene, which showcases performers with unusual and edgy looks. Porn star Joanna started the site and has proved herself as much more than an erotic performer. She has also produced, directed and written movies to appear on her website.

Like many of her alt porn colleagues, Joanna Angel is heavily tattooed with brightly dyed hair. Despite her edgy appearance, however, she was named in 2011 as one of the most popular stars in porn. This is hardly surprising, considering that she has acted in over 200 porn movies, directed a similar number, and won an array of industry awards. These include Best Porn Star Website for her own site and Best Solo Sex Scene from AVN Awards, and Best Ink and Best Director from NightMoves Awards.

Joanna has also managed to cross over into mainstream TV, with several minor roles in movies and TV shows. I t seems that her unconventional appearance has done nothing to marginalize her appeal; this dark eyed angel has a timeless beauty that made her an ideal candidate for The Fleshlight Girls series and she is one of the few girls with two unique sleeves made in her name.

Joanna Angel Punk Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Joanna Angel Punk

The Punk is made for Joanna’s anal orifice and is a unique sleeve that replaces the usual Fleshlight Girls anal texture: ‘Forbidden’. The sleeve consists of seven chambers but only one type of texture: a series of cross ribs in various widths and thicknesses.

The entrance to the sleeve is quite tight at 0.6 inch (15 mm) wide, but it opens out quickly to the first of the seven chambers. Each chamber contains three cross ribs, one thicker, surrounded by two thinner ones, but the width and placement varies slightly in each case. The width of the sleeve varies with each rib but it narrows generally as you progress further into it, with the tightest point at 0.27 inches (7 mm).

The multiple ribs create a wave texture which progresses along the full length of the sleeve and tightens as you push deeper into it.

How the Punk sleeve feels

The different sized ribs along the sleeve provide a surprising amount of variety in the feelings you get considering that they are all, essentially, the same texture. The amount of stimulation on the head of the penis depends on whether it is running over a wide or narrow rib, and the spacing is so close that this changes constantly with each small movement.

Fleshlight Joanna Angel Punk texture

Fleshlight Joanna Angel Punk Texture

Added to this is the variation in the width of the canal, which narrows as you plunge deeper into it. It is a quite intense feeling and I loved pushing through the tighter sections in the middle with small movements. The feel of the tight entrance around the base of my penis was fantastic.

The bigger rings are quite pronounced and can feel a little too rough, especially if you’re uncircumcised.


The sleeve is somewhat difficult to clean and dry. The multiple ribs all hold lube between them and getting it all out is not an easy task; you will need plenty of water, time and patience. I recommend blocking one end, partially filling the sleeve, then putting a finger over the other end before swishing it around. Repeat this a few times to get it squeaky clean. Allow a lot of time to dry.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

I find Joanna Angel Punk slightly too rough for my linking. It is a great tight Fleshlight sleeve if you’re into more intense textures.

The texture looks boring as there isn’t much variation but, in practice, there is quite a bit going on due to the varying sizes and spacing of the rings.

What comes to the realism, the tightness is good but the texture is coarser than a real ass.

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