Fleshlight Review: Cherry Devivre Luxe – Unique Camgirl Fleshlight

Fleshlight Cherry Devivre Luxe

Canadian brunette Cherry Devivre was not as well-known as some of the other Fleshlight Girls when she teamed up with Fleshlight in 2014. The tattooed beauty’s background was as a camgirl on the popular Flirt4Free live cam website where she built up a substantial fan base; she has been added as a favorite by over 5000 members. 

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Followers love her athletic figure and D cup breasts as much as they love her confident manner and sweet personality. It’s hardly surprising that she was one of the first “Flirt of the Year Fleshlight Viewer’s Choice”, winning the chance to create her own exclusive Fleshlight texture.

If you would like to see Ms Devivre in action as you enjoy the Luxe Fleshlight she can be found on Flirt4Free and Twitter.

Cherry Devivre Luxe - Camstar Fleshlight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Cherry Devivre Luxe Sleeve

Like other Fleshlight Girls sleeves, the Cherry Devivre Luxe features a realistic orifice – it is created from a mold of Cherry Devivre’s real pussy lips. Her signature appears next to the entrance.

The Cherry Devivre Luxe is a standard sized sleeve, measuring 9” (22cm) from the entrance to the end. Inside, the texture looks interesting and complex, made up of distinct sections of bumps and ridges.

The texture starts with several smooth wide bumps which wrap part way around the channel. One large bump followed by two smaller ones sits opposite two small ones followed by one large one. This means that the initial pressure is reversed as you slide into the sleeve; the large bumps push the head of the penis up, then down, while the smaller bumps add a little pressure from the opposite side.

Around 2.5” (7cm) from the entrance is the first transition section. The sleeve narrows slightly at this point and two rows of bumps line the walls. The protrusions in this section are slightly tilted so that they point away from each other; the first set point slightly towards the entrance and the second set point away. This creates a stronger pressure as you press against the direction of some of the bumps whichever way you are moving.

Next is a group of elongated bumps, wider at one end than the other, which twist around the sides of the channel. The sleeve then narrows again as a loop of very large, round lumps encircle it, leaving just 0.6” (15mm) of width between them. Another ring of bumps and a single cross rib followed by two gentle ridges lead into the final section of the Luxe sleeve, 7” (18cm) from the beginning. Four rings of three bumps are offset against each other to create a final section of gentle stimulation.    

How the Luxe feels

The feeling on entering the Luxe was probably my favorite part of the whole sleeve; the pressure on the head of the penis, first from one direction then the other, felt really great. The rings of tilted bumps were also quite noticeable; the little ‘fingers’ tickle and stimulate as you push against them, and the feeling reverses as you pull back in the other direction and the second set comes into play.

Fleshlight Cherry Devivre Luxe texture

Fleshlight Cherry Devivre Luxe Texture

While the sleeve is not particularly narrow, there is a good amount of resistance from the large bumps and textures and a couple of nice constrictions. I really enjoyed the changing feelings as I pushed through each area. The first and middle sections are more intense that the final parts but the combination led to a nice build up and a surprisingly quick and satisfying orgasm.


The Luxe isn’t easy to clean due to the large bumps and textures. I would advise running plenty of clean water through it and perhaps trapping some inside with your fingers over the ends before giving it a shake, to clean the corners. I also inserted a finger to remove any residue around the larger bumps near the entrance.

Fleshlight Cherry Devivre Luxe Review Summary






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Overall, the Cherry Devivre Luxe is a nice sleeve with some great effects. It’s a slow builder but was quite intense by the end (though not so much that it became uncomfortable). It’s not my favorite but I would definitely recommend it to guys who want a decent amount of stimulation but find heavier textures too intense.

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