Fleshlight Review: Tera Patrick Tease – Complex Fleshlight

At first glance, the Tera Patrick Tease appears to be the most complex Fleshlight sleeve I have encountered. Six chambers filled with different textures run along the length of it. But I am always ready to try something new; read on to see what I thought of it.

Tera Patrick Fleshlight

Exotic beauty Tera Patrick has been working in the adult industry since 1999. She is a highly successful porn actress and has proved herself to be a multi-talented lady with an impressive portfolio of achievements and awards. These include being ranked #2 in Complex magazine’s list of ‘The Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars of All Time’ and the Eroticline Award for ‘Successful Performing Businesswoman of the Year (USA)’.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
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In addition to her adult work, Patrick’s varied career has also included parts in mainstream movies, video games, music videos and a radio show. She has also created a clothing line, a production company and an agency. Although she retired from acting in porn in 2008, she continued to work in the industry as the host of Playboy’s instructional TV show School of Sex.

It is clear that Tera Patrick is a force to be reckoned with; if you like your fantasy lady to be talented as well as hot then she is the real deal. Her website, at www.terapatrick.com, is the perfect starting point if you are looking for visual stimulation to accompany your Tease.

Tera Patrick Tease Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Tera Patrick Tease

The sleeve of the Tease is as complex and varied as the lady it is named for. At first glance, I didn’t know quite what to make of it. Following the usual signed pussy orifice that is a regular part of the Fleshlight Girls series, there are no less than six chambers and a huge variety of textures to enjoy.

Just inside the sleeve, the small entry chamber has ribbed walls and a very tight entrance and exit. A ring of tiny bumps line the exit constriction before it widens into the first of the larger chambers, at 0.8 (20mm) wide. This second section contains six larger, finger-like bumps which protrude into the center of the chamber.

The sleeve then constricts again, through a ribbed, hourglass shaped section which opens out into a Lotus node, 5” (124 mm) from the entrance of the sleeve.

After the Lotus node, longer penises will be able to push past another series of wide bumps, a series of crisscross patterns on the walls, and a final section where large and small bumps wait to stimulate the very tip of the penis.

How does the Tera Patrick Tease feel?

There is a lot going on in this sleeve. The first thing I noticed was that the entrance was tight and the ribs around the first chamber stroke the penis as it pushes through them. The tightness then moves along the shaft, providing a nice constant pressure as you push on into the rest of the sleeve.

The contrast of the sudden widening as you move past the initial constriction feels great and the wide bumps replace the ribs, creating a tantalizing massaging sensation on the head of the penis. And the ‘relief’ of the wider canal is soon replaced by the second constriction and the Lotus node.

Fleshlight Tera Patrick Tease Texture

Fleshlight Tera Patrick Tease Texture

If you’ve experienced the Lotus node before you will be familiar with the feeling of penetration as you pop through it - and if you have not felt it before then you’re in for a treat! Due to the location of the Lotus node in this sleeve, you can spend time and penetrate it again and again while still enjoying the textures that came before it.

The section after the Lotus node massages the head of the penis and, the final two sections again provide different stimulating sensations that will drive you to a really quick orgasm if you don’t take time to pause. The wider sections which follow the Lotus node also mean that the suction can begin to build up.

The variety in the sleeve is amazing, and the different textures feels fantastic as you push through them. But this also means that a lot of lube is recommended, especially if you find that you have a sensitive glans.


Cleaning the Tease sleeve is always going to take some effort because of the many textures; there are lots of little nooks and crannies where lube can build up. It is advisable to run plenty of water through the sleeve as soon as possible after use. You can help the process by inserting a finger as far as possible to help remove any residue. It will also take a long time to dry so make sure you have somewhere you can leave it out for as long as it needs.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

This was a seriously intense sleeve and has definitely made its way into my top 5. The cleanup is fiddly so I don’t think it will see very regular use but the intense orgasm was worth it.

Overall, the Tease is a medium-high intensity sleeve with a very tight entrance and a great tight-relaxed-tight variation. Also, there aren’t many Fleshlights that have as much texture variation as the Tera Patrick Tease. Highly recommended.

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