Tenga Flip Hole Silver Male Masturbator Review: Better than Fleshlight?

Next to Fleshlight, Japanese brand Tenga is one of the better known makers of male masturbators on the market. They are well known for the single use ‘Tenga Egg’ masturbator (read the review) but have also a range of other innovative designs including the Tenga Cups, the Air Tech and the Tenga Flip Hole (reviewed here).

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Tenga Flip Hole Silver packaging

What is Tenga Flip Hole?

Tenga Flip Hole is a clever take on the standard male masturbator. It features a soft and pliable sleeve with a hole at one end and a textured interior, protected with a hard outer case. But it has a couple of unique features which set it apart and attempt to ‘solve’ some of the most common gripes associated with Fleshlights and other similar sleeves.

What makes Tenga Flip Hole different?

The main difference between this and other comparable products is in the design of the case. It is actually made from two parts, joined together at the end with a hinge. This means that the whole thing can be split open along the sides for easy access to the interior, so washing and drying the Tenga Flip Hole is significantly easier than other sleeves. The hinged design also made it possible for me to get a really good look at the inner texture before trying it out.

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The most realistic Fleshlight

The inner part of the Tenga Flip Hole is made with soft and pliable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), though it is often referred to in product descriptions as ‘internal gel’. It is heavily textured all along both sides.

Tenga Flip Hole Silver texture

The outer section of the Tenga Flip Hole is a rigid plastic case with a cut out ‘window’ along each side where the soft squishy material of the inner sleeve is accessible. Three ‘buttons’ are set along this section. These buttons can be used to control the tightness and pressure of the inner channel while the sleeve is being used. They are made to be accessible to your hand so you can adapt the stimulation by feel: a massive advantage over other sleeves and, in my opinion, one of the best features of the Flip Hole. The center button delivers even pressure along the shaft of the penis, while the front and end buttons increase the tightness around the base or head.

When the sleeve is closed, the whole thing is held together with a bracket, or clip, which slides into place along ‘tracks’ on both sides. This clip also slides on from the other direction to act as a cover when the sleeve is not in use.

The Tenga Flip Hole is approximately 3” (7.5cm) in diameter and 6.9” (17.5cm) long, though the maximum length of insertion is actually just under 6” (15cm). In comparison, a standard Fleshlight is 3.5-3.75” (6-9.5cm) wide and 9.8” (25cm) long, with capacity for a 9” penis. This means that most guys should be able to use the Tenga Flip Hole. If you are larger than average, or of a wider girth, you should look elsewhere.

Tenga Flip Hole Models

Tenga Flip Hole Silver case with tracks

There are four different Flip Hole models available: Red, Black, Silver and White. They each feature a different inner texture, with different levels of stimulation and intensity. I had heard that the Silver sleeve was quite an intense experience, so was looking forward to trying it out.

Tenga Flip Hole Silver Review

First Impressions: Sleeve and Texture

When I finally got my hands on the Silver Flip Hole, the first thing I noticed was the size. It is noticeably smaller than a standard Fleshlight, making it easier to hold and maneuver with one hand. The ‘buttons’ on the soft side panels were within easy reach of my fingers and gave me a feeling of immediate control.

The second thing I observed was the sleek design. There is no doubt that the Tenga Flip Hole Silver looks great and it’s quite subtle compared to some sex toys; it definitely doesn’t look like a masturbator. I don’t usually keep my adult toys in the lounge but, if I did, I think this one could go unnoticed on a shelf or masquerade convincingly as a piece of tech – perhaps a speaker or controller of some kind.

Unfortunately, the Flip Hole doesn’t feel as great as it looks. Holding the case in my hand for the first time was actually something of a disappointment; I could not help comparing the Flip Hole it to the familiar Fleshlight, which is a lot more solid. The Tenga just doesn’t feel as well made and the plastic case seems flimsy.

Tenga Flip Hole Silver orifice

Inside, the Silver Flip Hole has the appearance of many jagged edged prisms and angular points; it looks intense but the internal gel is soft to the touch. There are several defined sections to the texture, from the Winding Rib which draws you into the entrance, to the Crosshead ‘stairway of bliss’ which waits to stimulate the glans at the very furthest point of the sleeve. Moving through the sections will create a variety of different sensations, and turning the sleeve over will change the feelings again as you stimulate different points around on the top and bottom of the penis.

Using the Tenga Flip Hole: Preparation

The Tenga Flip Hole can be warmed with water before use (just use tap water to take the chill off) and fully opened to apply lube. I would advise plenty of water based lube on both sides of the sleeve. All of the Flip Holes are heavily textured so make sure you apply enough to ‘spread around’ and cover the whole surface.

Putting the Flip Hole back together can be fiddly. Fold it closed and slide the ‘clip’ onto the sides to hold it together. You have to be quite careful when replacing the clip as it needs to be correctly aligned with the sides. It’s tempting to hurry past this step, especially if you’re ready for action, but it’s worth taking the time to make sure you get it right.

How Does the Tenga Flip Hole Silver Feel?

The simple entrance does not look like much but sliding into it feels really good; the material is soft and opens to enclose the head of the penis as you push inside. The large ribs and points are softer and more subtle that they appeared and their effect was not as obvious as I’d expected. The jelly-like material moves gently around as you push through it and I felt the texture points more as a tickle than anything else. However, the overall effect was very stimulating.

Tenga Flip Hole Silver texture detail

Tenga Flip Hole Silver Texture Detail

The three ‘buttons’ allowed me to change the pressure as I moved the sleeve. The first one, nearest the entrance, increased the ‘grip’ on my shaft and the second made the whole length a little tighter. They did increase the sensation a little, but it was the furthest button that I really enjoyed as it increased pressure around the sensitive glans once I was all the way into the sleeve.

Overall, I found the Tenga Flip Hole Silver a fairly intense sleeve which built me up nicely to a decent orgasm. But I think I would have enjoyed it more had the case been a little wider; it was a tighter fit than I would have liked. With such a small space, strong stimulation can quickly become too intense so I would not recommend this sleeve to larger or very sensitive guys.

I found that the case did occasionally pop open when in use (this is why it’s so important to get the clip fixed on properly before you start) but to be honest this was something of a relief as the case had started to feel almost uncomfortably tight by this point. If this does happen to you, you can continue to hold the sides closed but allow a little extra room inside for movement.

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Tenga Flip Hole Silver drying


Cleaning the Tenga Flip Hole is super easy. As the sleeve opens out fully, there is no need to worry about how to get water into all the nooks and crannies inside; the whole of both edges are fully accessible for washing with clean running water, and you can easily rub away any excess lube with your fingers. The open case can then be balanced on the side clip to allow enough airflow for thorough drying.

Tenga vs. Fleshlight: Final Thoughts

The Tenga has an interesting design and a few novel ideas which have been well thought out. The texture was nice and I loved the varied design, but the experience of using it felt a little flat and the narrow width of the sleeve was a definite negative.

It is a decent masturbator and there is a definite place for it but especially the case feels inferior to the Fleshlight in quality. It just felt a little too flimsy to stand up to regular use. Its unique features didn’t quite make up for this lack, though the ease of cleaning was a definite bonus.

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Tenga Flip Hole Silver Review Summary






I enjoyed trying the Flip Hole Silver but it’s definitely not for me. I would thoroughly recommend it for smaller guys, or those who enjoy a tight grip. Personally, I’ll be sticking with Fleshlight.

Having said that, I was impressed with the idea behind the Flip Hole and I will definitely be keeping an eye on any new products Tenga introduce in the future (and will be more than willing to try them out when they are released).

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Tenga Flip Hole Silver is also available on Amazon:

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