Cheap Male Masturbators: Tenga Egg Review

Male sex toys often lack the fun factor. They are either utilitarian or just straightforward attempts to replicate female sex organs. Traditionally, there hasn't been much playfulness in the industry.

Tenga Eggs and FunZone Juicy Mini male masturbators make a serious attempt to be more lighthearted and fun. They are also much more affordable than the bigger, more serious masturbation devices.

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The Eggs and Juicy Minis can also be an easy introduction to male masturbators as their style isn't as in-your-face as with most male sex toys. Let's take a look at what they are and how they perform.

This is part one of a two-part series. The second article reviews Juicy Mini Masturbators.

Tenga Eggs and Juicy Mini Masturbators

Tenga Egg and Juicy Mini Masturbators

What Are Tenga Eggs and Juicy Minis?

Tenga Egg Sleeve Next to Juicy Mini Masturbators

Both Tenga Eggs and Juicy Minis are mini-masturbators. They are around 3" long (7.5 cm) and look either like eggs or small fruits.

Due to their stretchy material, the mini-masturbators can be used by men of all sizes.

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The masturbation device itself is a soft, wiggly sleeve without a case. The inside of the sleeve is covered with a bumpy texture. Tenga Egg has over a dozen models with different textures and Juicy Minis have six versions.

You can find a six pack of Tenga Eggs for about $30 - $40. Individual Eggs are sold for anything between $7 - $14.

A six pack of Juicy Minis is also about $30 - $40 but individual mini-masturbators are cheaper, at $5 - $7.

Both mini-masturbators can be used multiple times if you're not too rough with them. The Tenga Eggs are advertised as single-use sex toys, but with good care, they can last for several uses.

Tenga Egg Types

12 Different Tenga Eggs

Different Tenga Egg Types

Tenga Eggs come in over a dozen different types. The top row in the above picture is called the Easy Beat series which I will be reviewing here. The Tenga Egg types in the second row are called Hard Boiled. Their textures have larger bumps and shapes, thus providing stronger sensations.

In addition, there are Lovers and Keith Haring Dance Tenga eggs. The Lovers is a special model for sexy Valentine's Day celebrations.

What's in the Tenga Egg Box?

Tenga Twister Egg Texture

My Easy Beat Tenga Egg set came in a 6-piece plastic egg carton.

Inside the carton, I found six different eggs in colorful wrappings; Wavy, Clicker, Spider, Twister, Stepper, and Silky.

The wrapper peels off easily, revealing a white plastic egg. Snapping the case open is like opening a Kinder egg. Inside you'll find the white and wiggly masturbation sleeve.

Inside the sleeve, there is a plastic tube containing instructions for use and a single-use packet of lube.

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Tenga Egg Design and Material

The wobbly sleeve feels nice to touch. It is very soft and pliable. It actually feels like cooked, but still soft, egg white. The material is almost scentless. If sniffing really close, I noticed a faint chemical smell.

The material itself is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) which is a body-safe but porous material. To prevent bacteria from growing, the sleeve needs to cleaned and dried well after every use. For more information about sex toys safety, check out my guide to body-safe sex toys.

Each of the Tenga Easy Beat Egg has a unique texture that massages the penis differently. For me, the Silky was the mildest texture, and the Stepper and Wavy the most intense ones. The  Easy Beat pack has following textures.

Tenga Twister Egg Texture


Tenga Stepper Egg Texture


Tenga Spider Egg Texture


Tenga Silky Egg Texture


Tenga Clicker Egg


Tenga Wavy Egg Texture


How to Use Tenga Eggs

Using a Tenga Egg is extremely simple. Open the package, remove the plastic insert, apply lube, and enjoy.

How to Use Tenga Egg

How to use Tenga Eggs

What Does Tenga Egg Feel Like?

Tenga Egg and Lube

I used the lube that comes bundled with each Tenga Egg. The lube is quite thick, almost like a gel. It works nicely and there is plenty in the packet.

The first Egg I tried was the Spider. Its texture resembles a spider web and is quite shallow in comparison to Fleshlights and other "big" masturbators.

Entering the sleeve was easy but the orifice didn't provide any sensations. When unstretched, the sleeve covered only the head of the penis.

When pulled down the shaft, the sleeve thins on the top and becomes transparent. This was quite a surprise the first time and I was worried that the sleeve might break. But there is no need to worry, the material seems to be very stretchy and doesn't break easily. The transparent sleeve can be a nice feature if you're using Tenga Eggs with your partner.


If you have lube in your hands, moving the sleeve up and down can be quite difficult as everything is so slippery. I had to stop and clean my hands before continuing.

With dry hands, the sleeve was easy to stroke with. The texture felt pretty nice on the glans but I didn't feel much on the shaft area. Also, when the sleeve was pulled down the texture wasn't doing anything for the head.

The best way to use the Tenga Spider Egg is with short strokes and rotations around the head of the penis.

Tenga Spider Egg Texture

Then I switched over to the Tenga Stepper Egg. The Stepper has much larger shapes in its texture and it felt a little rough after the Spider. I actually switched back to the Spider to finish.

Later, on other occasions, I've tested the other Tenga Egg types that came in the box. They are all slightly different. The Silky seems to be the mildest, and Wave and Stepper the most intense. I personally prefer the ones in the middle like Spider and Twister.

Overall, I think the Tenga Eggs feel quite good. They are a different experience from using big "pocket pussies" like Fleshlight (learn more about what are the best rated Fleshlight on my mega guide to Fleshlights). The sensations are closer to masturbation by hand but the soft textures enhance the sensations.

I've also reviewed Tenga's "full-sized" Flip Hole male masturbator. You can read the Tenga Flip Hole Silver review here.

Durability and Re-usability of Tenga Eggs

Are Tenga Eggs re-usable? They are clearly made with a mindset that they would be used only once, but with good care, they seem to be good for several uses. I've used some of the mine three times and they are still fine. When reading discussion forums, I can see people commenting that they are typically getting at least a few uses from each Egg before they break.

Cleaning Tenga Eggs is a breeze. Wash with warm water outside, turn the sleeve inside out and wash, and let them dry well before packing away. If you want to be extra sure that all bacteria is killed, you can use any sex toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. See my sex toy cleaning guide for the details.

Where to Buy Tenga Eggs?

Most sex shops sell Tenga Eggs. If shopping online, Lovehoney is a good destination but they seem to sell only single Eggs. If shopping from Amazon, make sure that you buy either from Liberator who is the official Tenga distributor in the USA or from Amazon itself. This way you can be sure that you're buying genuine Tenga Eggs. There have been fake Tenga Eggs sold by third party merchants in the Amazon store.

If you're uncertain about how genuine your Tenga Eggs are, check the 'Signs of Counterfeit EGG' document by Tenga.

Once a week I comb through two dozen sex toy companies and sex shops to find the best deals on male sex toys.

Tenga Egg vs. Juicy Mini Masturbator

Tenga Egg vs. Juicy Mini Masturbator

Tenga Eggs and Juicy Mini masturbators  are very similar products. Deciding which one to buy comes down to personal preference.

Tenga Eggs have more sleeve texture options. There is also the Hard Boiled set of Tenga Eggs that have bigger and bolder textures for men looking for stronger sensations.

The material of Tenga Eggs is thicker and more luscious than Juicy Minis. On the other hand, it seems to rip easier.

Both mini-masturbators feel similar. Tenga Eggs are a little softer, but whether that is good or bad is up to each individual.

Tenga Eggs are more expensive if bought individually, but 6-packs retails for about the same as Juicy Minis.

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Tenga Egg vs. Fleshlight

Masturbating with a Tenga Egg is like enhanced masturbation by hand. It is still the same experience but with additional sensations due to the sleeve texture.

Fleshlight is more akin to actual penetrative sex. You have the sensation of entering and being completely enveloped by the sleeve. Typically, the texture has also more diversity and variety.

As the experiences are so different between Tenga Eggs and Fleshlights it is really difficult to compare them. Both are great male masturbation aids that provide a different kind of experience.

On absolute terms, masturbating with a Fleshlight feels much better than with a Tenga Egg. But I don't necessarily want to use a Fleshlight every time I masturbate. There is room for variety and different toys.

If you want to try a cheap masturbator, then a Tenga Egg is a great option. It costs only a fraction of a Fleshlight and gives a lot of pleasure.

When traveling, an Egg or two is a much more convenient companion than a bulky Fleshlight.

If you want to learn more about Fleshlights, see the following posts: How to Choose the Best Fleshlight, How to Buy a Fleshlight, and How to Use a Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Quickshot is the smallest and cheapest of all Fleshlights. See the Quickshot review to find out how it compares to other male masturbators.

Conclusion: Tenga Egg Review

out of 10

Scoring Tenga Eggs is difficult. The big Fleshlights are much better male masturbators but they are also used differently. On an absolute scale, I would give Tenga Eggs 5 out 10, but as the Eggs are so much cheaper and smaller, I think they deserve a better score. After all, they feel very good.

Tenga Eggs are small and affordable, all-in-one (as they come with lube) masturbation sleeves that are great when traveling, as a first masturbator, or when looking for a fun variation to the male masturbation.

The Eggs are meant to be single use only, but with a good care, they can be used a few times.


  • Affordable (when used multiple times), discreet, and small
  • Stretchy, one size fits all
  • Easy to clean and fast to dry
  • Reusable unless played too hard with
  • Fun, different design
  • Great as a gift


  • Will break after a few uses
  • Pricey if used only once
  • Fleshlight feels much better

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