Fleshlight Review: Sex In A Can: Vampire Succu Dry – Vampire Mouth Fleshlight

The Vampire Succu Dry Fleshlight is part of the lesser known Sex in a Can series of Fleshlights, featuring the usual Superskin sleeve disguised in a hard outer case. Unlike the ‘flashlight’ design of the regular Fleshlights, the Succu Dry is made to look like a can of beer: an ideal disguise which would go unnoticed in the corner of any man cave!

As its name suggests, the Vampire Succu Dry is a novelty Fleshlight sleeve. The orifice is a sexy vampire mouth, complete with fangs: perfect for adventurous fantasy and horror fans. It was originally a limited edition sleeve but its popularity earned it a regular place among the other three Sex in a Can designs.

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I was looking forward to learning what made it such a favorite. Read on to find out what I thought.

Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Vampire Succu Dry - castle

Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Vampire Succu Dry Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Vampire Succu Dry - orifice

One of the first things to note about the Succu Dry is the length of it; the Sex in a Can models are significantly shorter than regular Fleshlights. The whole sleeve is just under 7” long and the textured canal ends at about 6.9” (17.5cm) from the entrance. This won’t affect regular guys too much but if you are larger than average then you might want to give this range a miss.

The mouth orifice of the Succu Dry is also a little different; you will need to enter this one through a set of teeth, compete with vampire fangs. They are soft and pliable, made from the same Superskin as the rest of the sleeve, but odd to look at and slightly less inviting than a soft set of lips!

The diameter of the inner canal is 0.7” (18 mm) and the vampire theme continues inside with the Fang texture, exclusive to this sleeve. The whole length is thickly surrounded by long stemmed bumps which each protrude 0.3” (7 mm) into the center of the channel.

How the Succu Dry Feels

The vampire fangs look great and, despite appearances, are as soft and flexible as the rest of the sleeve. Once inside, the densely spaced fangs feel amazing. Their length and tapered tips means that they are flexible enough to move around your penis and this feels especially nice as they swirl around the sensitive head. I would liken the feeling to a gentle massage, but it becomes more and more stimulating as you near orgasm and each of the separate small nubs become more noticeable. They start to feel like hundreds of tiny points of stimulation.

The compact size of the Sex in a Can Fleshlights mean that there is a little less ‘give’ in the sleeve and, although this is the widest from the range, it was noticeable compared to a regular Fleshlight. I would definitely recommend this range to smaller guys, and those who prefer a tighter feeling sleeve.

Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Vampire Succu Dry - texture

Fleshlight Sex In A Can: Vampire Succu Dry Texture

The real drawback for me was the intensity of the sleeve after orgasm. Suddenly, those tiny, tingly fang tips become almost unbearably stimulating against an over-sensitized penis.


One glance at the densely packed bumps was enough to tell me that this sleeve was going to need extra attention after use. However, it was not as bad as I expected because the short length meant that I could insert a finger to help the cleaning process. Lots of water and plenty of drying time will be needed to keep this one in top condition.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

All of the Sex in a Can sleeves are suitable for smaller guys who prefer a more compact design. The shorter length and smaller casing mean that they are ideal for shorter or slimmer penises.

I enjoyed using this Fleshlight but found it uncomfortable after orgasm. I’d recommend it to guys who enjoy the extra intensity.

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