Cheap Male Masturbators Part 2: Juicy Mini Masturbator Review

This is the second part of a two-part series on cheap male masturbators. The first article covered Tenga Eggs and this post covers Juicy Mini Male Masturbators.

Juicy Mini masturbators are colorful male masturbators that come in shapes and colors like kiwi, orange, and grape.

Like Tenga Eggs, Juicy Minis are a more lighthearted approach to male sex toys and as such a great introduction to sex toys or a sexy gift. The Juicy Mini masturbators are also cheap ($5 - $7 each) so that shouldn't prevent you from checking them out.

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Juicy Minis are mini-masturbators. They are only about 3" (7.5 cm) long. The material is very stretchy and Juicy Minis can be used by anyone, regardless of the penis size.

There are six different types of Juicy Mini Masturbators; Grape, Pear, Lemon, Orange, Kiwi, and Raspberry. The difference between the versions is the texture which is unique for each type. They are not flavored. The names are just names.

A set of Juicy Mini Masturbators was sent to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review by Topco Toyz.

Juicy Mini Masturbator Set: 6 Different Types

Six different Juicy Mini Masturbator Types

What's in the Juicy Mini Masturbator Bag?

Juicy Mini Masturbator Bag

My Juicy Mini Male Masturbator set came in a small net bag with six different sleeves.

Opening the cases is easy, just twist the top and bottom halves to separate.

The cases come in two shapes; pear and egg cup. The sleeves inside are shaped accordingly but that doesn't make any difference to how they feel.

Inside each sleeve is a small bottle of lube. The pear-shaped Juicy Minis had Hot & Spicy lube and the other sleeves had regular water-based lube.

The plastic wrappings made opening the lube mini-bottles very difficult but when finally unwrapped the lube bottles are handy and easy to open and close.

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Juicy Mini Design and Material

The Juicy Mini sleeves are soft and silky to touch. The sleeve walls are quite a bit thinner than the Tenga Eggs. The Eggs are also a tiny bit softer. Overall, the Eggs feel more luxurious and inviting.

Juicy Minis have quite a strong chemical smell. It is not exactly unpleasant, but I'd rather have my intimate toys without a smell.

I couldn't find information about the material used in the sleeves. I assume it is TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) like in the Tenga Eggs but it has slightly different feel to it. As with all TPE sex toys, good care is critical as the material is a good breeding ground for bacteria. To learn more about sex toys safety, see my guide to body-safe sex toys.

The material appears very durable and flexible. With the Tenga Eggs, I felt I had to be a little careful when stretching them out but the Juicy Minis seem hardier.

Each of the sleeves has a unique texture that enhances sensations during masturbation.

Juicy Mini Masturbator Textures

Different Juicy Mini Sleeve Textures

How to Use Juicy Minis

Using the Juicy Minis is very easy. The biggest challenge is removing the wrapping from the lube bottle. To use; snap open the egg, remove the lube from the sleeve, apply plenty of lube, and enjoy. It is pretty much the same as with the Tenga Egg. Check out the visual use instruction in the Tenga Egg review if still uncertain.

Entering a Juicy Mini can be a little tricky, though. The entrance is smaller and a little tighter than for the Tenga Eggs and the sleeve easily slips to the side when you try to push in.

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What Does Juicy Mini Masturbator Feel Like?

Juicy Mini Masturbator Sleeve with Lube

I've used both lubes that came with the Minis. The basic water-based lube has medium-runny consistency and works pretty well.

The Hot & Spicy lube felt even better. It is a silkier and a little thicker lube, and the warming sensation is quite strong. It is up to you whether you like the warm sensations. I’m quite ambivalent myself.

The overall experience was very much comparable to what I had with Tenga Eggs but there were some slight differences.

The first Juicy Mini I tried was the Orange. Its texture has rows of short ribs and is quite similar to the Tenga Stepper Egg.

The material feels a little harder than the Tenga Eggs but it's a matter of preference as to which one you like more. I thought the texture felt a little rough for my liking (like I experienced with the Tenga Stepper Egg).

I switched to the Mini Pear which has a spider-web like texture (not unlike in the Tenga Spider Egg) which felt much better to me.

Entering Juicy Mini is a little more difficult than with Tenga Eggs. The entrance is a little narrower and doesn't seem to stretch as easily. When you get in, the bit of extra tightness at the entrance feels good. It adds a bit to the sensations.

Juicy Mini Lemon Sleeve Texture

The Juicy Minis are mini-masturbators and without stretching they cover only the head of the penis. The sleeve is very flexible and you can pull it all the way down to the base of your penis, but when stretched out, I didn't feel the texture much.

The masturbator is at its best when you concentrate on the glans using short strokes and rotations. Then it can feel pretty good.

Similarly, as with the Eggs, the material becomes transparent when stretched which is kind of fun.

When pulled further down, the Juicy Mini sleeve seems to form a tighter hood over the tip of the penis than the Eggs. One needs to be careful not to pull it too tight when ejaculating as the sperm cannot escape and that can be quite painful.

I found the textures to be quite similar; there isn't as much variety as with the Tenga Eggs.

The Juicy Minis add a lot of sensations and variety to masturbation by hand. They don't provide an "artificial vagina" experience like the "big" Fleshlights and Tengas do, but their cost is only a fraction of the full-sized sex toys.

Durability and Re-usability of Juicy Minis

The Juicy Minis seem to be made of tougher material than Tenga Eggs. I wasn't worried about breaking one. You can probably get quite a few uses out of them.

Cleaning was easy: I washed the outside, turned them inside out and washed the inside, and let them dry completely before putting back in the cases for storage. If you want to be 100% sure that your sex toys are clean, you can use any sex toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. See the how to clean sex toys article for further details.

Where to buy Juicy Mini Masturbators

Several online stores carry them. PinkCherry is one of my favorite sex stores that carries Juicy Minis. There are a lot of sellers on Amazon, but I would be hesitant to buy from there as I don't know any of the sellers and there have been fakes sold through Amazon.

Once a week I comb through two dozen sex toy companies and sex shops to find the best deals on male sex toys.

Juicy Mini vs. Tenga Egg

Tenga Egg vs. Juicy Mini Masturbator

Tenga Eggs and Juicy Mini masturbators are very similar products. Deciding which one to buy comes down to personal preference.

Juicy Mini masturbators have six texture options while Tenga Eggs have more than a dozen. The Egg textures also offer more variety than Juicy Minis' textures.

The material in Juicy Minis is thinner and less luxurious than in Tenga Eggs. It seems hardier though and will likely last for much longer.

Both mini-masturbators feel very similar. Juicy Minis are a little rougher, but whether that is good or bad is up to each individual.

Single Juicy Minis are cheaper to buy but the price of a 6-pack is close to what Tenga Eggs cost.

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Juicy Mini vs. Fleshlight

Masturbating with a Juicy Mini masturbator is like enhanced masturbation by hand. It is still the same experience but with additional sensations due to the sleeve texture.

Fleshlight is more akin to actual penetrative sex. You have the sensation of entering and being completely enveloped by the sleeve. Typically, the texture has also more diversity and variety.

As the experiences are so different between Juicy Minis and Fleshlights, it is really difficult to compare them. Both are great male masturbation aids that provide different kinds of experiences.

In absolute terms, masturbating with a Fleshlight feels much better than with a Juicy Mini, but I don't necessarily want to use Fleshlight every time I masturbate. There is room for variety and different toys.

If you want to try a cheap masturbator then a Juicy Mini is a great option. It costs only a fraction of  the cost of a Fleshlight and gives a lot of pleasure.

When traveling, a Juicy Mini or two is a much more convenient companion than a bulky Fleshlight.

Do you want to learn more about Fleshlights? The Complete Fleshlight Guide will help you to choose the best feeling Fleshlight and the buying and use is explained in How to Buy a Fleshlight and How to Use a Fleshlight posts. Fleshlight Quickshot is the smallest and cheapest of Fleshlights. Read the Quickshot review to find how it compares against other masturbation sleeves.

Conclusion: Juicy Mini Masturbator Review

out of 10

This summary is basically the same as for Tenga Eggs. To see differences between the Eggs and Minis, see the comparison above.

Scoring Juicy Mini Masturbators is really difficult. The big Fleshlights are much better male masturbators but they are also used so differently. On an absolute scale, I would give Juicy Minis 5 out 10, but as the Minis are so much cheaper and smaller I think they deserve a better score. After all, they feel very good.

Juicy Minis are small and affordable, all-in-one (as they come with lube) masturbation sleeves that are great when traveling, as a first masturbator, or when looking for a fun variation to male masturbation.

The Juicy Minis are durable and with good care can be used many times.


  • Affordable, discreet, and small
  • Stretchy, one size fits all
  • Easy to clean and fast to dry
  • Reusable
  • Fun, different design
  • Great as a gift


  • Fleshlight feels much better

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