Fleshlight Review: Super Tight – Smooth, Tight Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Super Tight sleeve is simply a tighter version of the Original sleeve. It comes with a choice of generic Lady, Mouth, Butt, and Cheeks orifices: none of them as inviting as the more realistic designs in the Fleshlight Girls series but all of them sufficient. I chose the Pink Lady orifice as the most ‘realistic’ looking.

The Fleshlight Super Ribbed is available in as a custom Build Your Own Fleshlight and as a sleeve only product.

Fleshlight Super Tight Review

Sleeve and Texture

Fleshlight Super Tight

The Super Tight sleeve is very straightforward. A short, snug entrance chamber widens slightly into a smooth-walled channel that extends along the full 9” of the sleeve. The diameter is approximately 0.5” (13mm) and does not vary at all.

Fleshlight Mini Lotus
The most realistic Fleshlight

How it Feels

After trying several of the more exciting, textured sleeves, I was not especially excited to try this one and it seems my concerns were well-founded. The sleeve feels nice (the Fleshlight Superskin material always feels quite realistic) but once I slid inside I was seriously underwhelmed.

The smooth walls feel quite good as you enter and the added tightness does give this an edge over the Original sleeve. However, the boring nature of the sleeve soon becomes evident as there is no variety in texture or width to stimulate the penis.

Fleshlight Super Tight Texture

Fleshlight Super Tight Texture

I also found the lack of chambers meant that I needed to reapply lube several times. As there is nothing to keep it inside, it has a tendency to drip out and I found that the sleeve became increasingly dry and uncomfortable. It is quite tight, as the name suggests, and would not suit thicker guys for this reason.


Cleaning this smooth sided sleeve is quite easy; flushing clean running water through the channel should remove all residue as there is not really anywhere for it to get trapped. Don’t forget to allow plenty of drying time for the narrow channel to dry out.







How I rate Fleshlights explained

I can see that this is still a popular Fleshlight sleeve, often chosen as a first Fleshlight by guys who are looking for something ‘realistic’ and don’t like the looks of the more heavily textured sleeves.

Personally, I thought it was far too smooth to be realistic and I would not recommend it. If you are looking for realism or a ‘first sleeve’ then try one of the sleeves suggested below.

Looking for a realistic Fleshlight sleeve? Try one of the following.

  • Lotus: The smooth sided Lotus has several chambers to enjoy as well as the unique Lotus Node, and comes with a good choice of Fleshlight Girls orifices. It aims for realism and gets closer than any other Fleshlight I know. Smaller guys might prefer the Mini Lotus and those with thinner penises could try the narrower Sex in a Can version of the sleeve: Lady Lager.
  • Forbidden: Available with a choice of butt orifices, the Forbidden is the sleeve if you prefer a realistic anal experience. It has consistently great reviews and remains a firm favorite among Fleshlight fans.

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